Boiling Frog takes your heart in its hands with a tale of love, family, divorce, desperation and hope. Lewis is that guy everyone will recognise; a family man with three children, (Joe, Katie and Daisy) and happy with his lot. So when his wife, Marie, suddenly reveals her unhappiness and announces she wants a divorce, Lewis finds himself in a life he no longer recognises.

Lewis tries to adjust to being a single parent and indulges himself in the excesses that often accompany single life, - alcohol and women. But he struggles to adjust from “family man” to “single man with part-time kids” and seeks support through a self- help group. Meanwhile, Marie has a new relationship and their son, Joe, refusing to accept the situation, devises his own plan to reunite his parents.

Lewis too, has the chance for a new relationship, but all this raw emotion starts to blur reality. Lewis feels a tormentor, “Twelve”, is shadowing his every move and challenging his sanity. Losing sight of the truth and with deteriorating health, Lewis falls into a dark place where even his family struggle to reach him. All except that is, his daughter, Daisy…

Will Lewis, a Boiling Frog leap to safety? Can the love of his children and the love of a woman save him? And can Daisy help her Dad solve the mystery that is laid before him?

“Boiling Frog is a story about life. The not-so-perfect life that most of us know, if we're honest. It certainly struck a chord and I loved it!”

(Harrogate Theatre audience member)

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