Boiling Frog is principally an acting and vocal lead musical but the scenes with dancing and movement carry huge importance. The notes below are designed to provide minimal guidance to ensure the maximum possible level of self interpretation.

Lewis Angel (Tenor):- Principal

Male aged between 30-45. Good character acting and singing ability are the essential strengths of Lewis Angel. Some dancing and movement. Full spectrum of emotions from anger, sadness, joy, desire frustration and so on. As a principal character the interaction/ chemistry with Twelve is vital and will be a key factor during casting.

Twelve (Baritone):- Principal

Male adult role any age. Character acting cannot be overstated. Twelve is one of those parts that has a high degree of self interpretation. With that said he is an eccentric of the highest order and is able to "get away" with saying some outrageous things of the like that most of us would only are think about. Twelve acts as both a narrator and Lewis's mind talk making the interaction between the pair of them a key element of the show.

Laura Campbell (Alto):- Principal

Female aged between 18–40. Lewis Angel's new love interest. Therefore chemistry with Lewis important. Principle qualities singing and acting ability.

Marie Angel (Soprano)

Female aged between 30-45. Lewis's estranged wife. Principle qualities singing and acting ability.

Daisy Angel

Child aged 8-12. Daisy has very little libretto and therefore the acting ability is crucial. The youngest of Lewis's three children, Daisy is a mysterious character that has an ESP ability and to the outside world appears autistic. Both the singing and acting parts are high impact and will standout in a scene where often other things are going on.

Joe Angel

Child aged between 12-16. Joe is a hormonal and principally an angry young man but with a natural protective instinct towards his two younger sisters. Principle quality is acting but this role does have some important singing parts.

Katie Angel

Child aged between 10-14. Katie is a typical "middle child" caught between her older brother and younger sister. Principle quality is singing followed by acting.

Steve Burns (Baritone)

Male aged between 25 -50. Steve is one of Lewis's best mates and is a comic character from working class stock. A very "matter of fact" individual he is important in delivering some humour to sometimes difficult situations. Principle quality is character acting followed by singing.

Gilly Giles (Alto/ Soprano)

Female aged between 18–45. A relatively smaller part but very important. A comedy character with a dippy yet endearing edge.

Beth Turner (Alto/ Soprano)

Female aged between 18–45. Gilly's best friend. Again a smaller part but important.

Anna Burns & Julie McCredy (Alto/ Soprano)

Females aged between 25–50. Marie Angel's friends. Smaller parts but with appearances in Acts 1 & 2.

Chorus members (male and female all vocal ranges):- number 6 to 10.

To appear in a number of scenes with particular emphasis on choreographed dancing and movement.

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