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Revised script and new songs

Yep that’s right Boiling Frog is just about ready to go again with a new revised script and introduction of two new songs.

The new songs are called ‘Splinters’ and ‘Prove It’

‘Splinters’ is a new emotional ballad that Laura sings. Laura’s role has been beefed up considerably which sees her play a very central role and dare I say in doing so introduces a twist or two into the Boiling Frog Story.

‘Prove It’ is a duet between Joe and Katie Angel. It is a song that finds Joe looking for Katie’s help in getting their parents back together.

So what’s new in the script?

More than I originally intended but these things do have a habit of writing themselves!!

Without giving too much away, the main changes relate to Laura and her role within the story. I wanted to make sure she was more than just Lewis’s new love interest and that she had her own story to tell. If you like her own Boiling Frog syndrome.

The song ‘Stable Volatilty’ is back and the whole Beth and Gilly relationship is reinvented against the backdrop of a self-help group where Lewis, Steve, Patrick, Laura, Beth and Gilly all meet!!

I pleased with the new dynamic and believe that the next version of the show will be the most emotional and powerful yet!!

When is it on next?

I’m looking at options at the moment which include Wakefield, Leeds and Oxford. One thing is for sure it will be back so watch this space….

Thanks for keeping interested